Poet Commentaries

Between the Fences

He watched the agony
of his dying calf
from his cowering crouch.
The lion had broken through
the calf had broken out
and here they met.

He shewed and scatted
Shewed an awful lot
but never mercy
and sound judgement
and his scat just floated.

He could say though
that he never killed the calf
nor hunted the lion.
Cain would not need mercy,
his sticks and stones

Buried a stillborn once,
his wife forgiven
Buried this dumb calf,
it too forgiven
for going astray
and creating a spectacle.

He again mended the fence
to keep the lion out.
“Never again, never again”

the path back to garden,
it too circles
and never gets there

The gate to his compound
does not woosh when opened.
Condos would come later.


this poem commented on in my journal

NaPoMo Journal 2017

April 20th

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