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April 22nd


April 22nd

This was more cheerful yesterday.  It still is but it has morphed a bit. It now is written to someone still determined to stick a thumb in the dike. He is a good man, well loved, that knows the balance between grinding rust and buying a new truck.



the end of the world
in wax paper
fifty six red leaves

through every age
on every mantel
bronze shoes

Poets know and write about the end of the world, some just don’t know it. They talk of different worlds and hope, a few scribbled appointments in empty boxes on a calendar. Some, like me, have way too many and have all these cheerful hearts and emojis scribbled in. To keep me balanced I have one in a week to rake Daffodil petals, split Hostas and replace my brakes on my car.

The news these days makes pencilling in tomorrow more difficult though. If the world were a car one would shop around, kick tires and look at their budget. It is odd but if you read this and get it perhaps your car’s brakes are maintained. Perhaps you would drive on the road to your neighbour and not be afraid that you will hurt someone, anyone. Likely you do not get the carnage and could never imagine such horrible “accidents”. I suppose I write this for you and I as we pass on the road and wave.

in the pile up
someone always to blame
their loss mourned too

You will note here no mention of religion or any solution. It is I suppose written in a code that only saints and angels get. I swear by Christ but not in vain.

hair spray
the coiffed doo
in this wind

staples and thread
the Daffodil petals
still need raking

twinkling of eye
hands shake
an X marked

I am sorry this is long but there was one last surreal image that was so neat. It could only be understood in context to what I mused on today and will explain my smilie emojis marked on tomorrow.

peach blossoms galore
so many Rose Buds
in the fall

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