Poet Commentaries

April 21st

capillary action
drawn up from way down
the garden is fed
if we are still in nature
haiku reach us too

The hardest thing about haiku is the tendency to double dig.  Ironically the work of turning the soil is not as time consuming or as hard on a person as the time spent watering.  I once rooted out wild ginger from a lawn, removing first the sod and then going deep.  When done you could not tell it was disturbed.  In the heat of the summer the section of sod died.

wick out of oil
the flame flickers and dies
double dug garden
sweat drops on leaves
not enough water

The biggest part we play in the garden will take a lifetime to work out.  I am but a sapling just learning.  When I am cut out and my growth rings are examined one could look at my journal and see the difficult years where the sustenance needed was lacking.

exclaimed praise
is not the stones job
two lips
over many seasons
wick amazement

NaPoMo Journal 2017

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