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April 17th (Resurrected thoughts)

April 17th

my shadow dances
not yet separate
soles touch

It took awhile to distill today’s thoughts down to a few paragraphs. (The slam poem is not quite finished.)

I understand April 16th, that seasons include winter and that time passes. I understand and expect heavy rains that rip young buds from trees and a frosts that take my Magnolia buds. These all seem just somehow. These concepts fit into what we call Karma and our sense of ourselves. Therefore they do not seem chaotic.

True chaos is love. What scares me is good; goodness that stretches beyond any sense of justice, mercy. We have no capacity for it. What scares us is resurrections and miracles, peace where no peace should exist and grace found in empty pockets. I am careful not to hand out too much goodness and know that loving my enemy is actually a devious plan.

my shadow dances
no longer connected
to my soles

scattered seeds
old boots
serve as a vase

excess manna
does anyone remember
how to compost

tossed bread
returns on the water


 NaPoMo Journal 2017

Resurrection Poems



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