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April 16th

April 16th

I went to a poetry slam last night.  There is some of the most beautiful poetry and the finest angst to be found anywhere at these events. To translate my thoughts to examples in nature is this morning’s journal.

This to me is where haiku excels, there is always the other side and an example of possibilities.  There is the ah ha of a different perspective.

It is also Easter, a celebration of the juxtaposition of life and death. One or two of the following attempts will possibly become the beginning and the end of a “slam poem” (if I finish the link will be posted here)

It is ironic but what you see below are the better examples to “show” what i see.  Those cultivated under are nutrients and often they take time to break down in the soil.  My soil this morning is full of future haiku all neatly processed so you do not need to get their muck on your shoes. These only peak out.

verdant alfalfa
seeded to make amends
green manure

a great spring show
the daffodils work
for their cozy bed

the cherry blossoms
at last
they become pits

NaPoMo Journal 2017


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