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Steel Wool

Life is full of anecdotes and poetry.  We are story tellers and full of “what ifs”, “if only’s” and that is cool.  It is a strange truth in life that in the subjectivity of poetry there is an objectivity; a transparency and sincerity that takes some fumbling about to get to.  A rawness.  The naked truth.  Their is a fumbling about with buttons and zippers.

Poetry lends itself to angst and joy and does so with some very weird devices available to language and culture.  It answers questions with questions, talks about today politics with yesterday’s news and sees a likeness to this or that in that or this.  The point of this site is to have a “headline” to write to and for readers to see a variety of writes on this specific topic or concept.

Our goal?  Frankly to spark again intelligence.  To help readers recognize their responsibility to form opinions other than what is fed them.  Each Headlined series of poems will do just that.  Perhaps they will provoke a response of anger or joy.  Do not be afraid.  Remember, this is an objective site with varied views, there will be tough conversations.  What we are strict about with the submissions are that they neither promote nor put down a religion, political party, culture or life style.  (this is not quite true.  I am a Canadian and I may speak from this position on Canadian shortcomings)  This sounds more uplifting than it is of course, common denominators are not always pretty.

To start sharing poems I am working with writers on a poetry Web Site.  Some of these have published, a high percentage of them are excellent at their craft.  In each group of three or four poems on a headline will be the authors name and a link to whatever they want to share.  This will include books, their web site, video or sound cloud and, if nothing else, their profile and collection of poems where they share.  (Some may only have a pen name and choose to be anonymous.)  Yes.  I am telling you to visit, buy books and listen to their spoken version.