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April 9th and 10th


April 9th and 10th.

I am fexed for time to journal.  I am full of natural ponderings neck deep. The passing of a brother in law (whose funeral I must miss), an ailing dog and a brief spat of bachelorhood which I have little taste for.  I am springtime filled with to do’s and what ifs.  

Personally what pleases me about haiku is that nature reflects so beautifully my own seasons.  It rarely is me being encouraged by the cherry blossom but rather me egging it on and saying “Yes I feel that too.”  My next few haiku are likely fading petals on gravel or footsteps on a waterlogged lawn but they are not heavy haiku.  Uplifting really, it is always nice when nature listens and understands.


blue and jaundiced

the daffodils grow

in Blue Bell blush.


skipped steps

the happy old dog

falls down the last few


the daffodils

they were not there

for the Mums in fall



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