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Juan Pablo Lynch




Originally from the Dominican Republic, I moved to St.Christopher, a smaller English speaking island in the Caribbean, at the tender age of seven. Thus, even though Spanish is my first language I am much more prolific in the English tongue. I always tell people that I learnt English from reading the captions on TV shows and from the help of my classmates in school. I developed a love for reading in my childhood but my fancy for writing only came in my late teens. Writing poetry is an outlet for my emotions and Christian faith and values. I am also interested in short story and essay writing. I am currently working on my first novel; I say first because I am hopeful that it will not be the last.



Write Out Loud (WOL)

as  Juan Pablo Lynch


Breaking News

I don’t get it. I don’t get it
but what is there to get?
brainwashed snow white
sprinkled with truth but
it’s all lies. They all die
perishing for lack of…
ellipsis but nothing is
omitted. they shut the
truth into the closet and
spread that blah blah blah
fake news – nothing new
same ol’, same ol’ cliche
”I have a dream…”
King, wake up!
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