Poet Commentaries

April 13th

April 13th


radio song changed

trill and trite

birds not scattered




The inspiration for this is really endings, how there are so very many that we deal with everyday.  The last piece of perfect steak or last sip of coffee.  The tap of the toothbrush on a sink, and the way the light being turned off at night sounds.  We are practiced at them and are both saddened and comforted by the many little seasons we go through.  


another page ends

each time the ritual

of flicked fingers

wiped wrinkled hands

and a new leaf turned


warm epson agar

the culture cultivates

relax and quiet

my weight buoyed

by this warm womb


there is no clock

no set number of pages

but a time comes

when water is too cool

and book is put down


the plug is pulled

there’s that porcelain squeak

and brushed cotton swish

crisp new clothes are donned

as last of the water drains

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