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That Which is Crooked…..

I am just reposting an old read filled with some wonderful poems that were not mine

Fragrance of Sage

What is crooked cannot be made straight.  Make that statement to a poet and you get a better understanding.  The following were just a few of many unique takes.


the best education in time
comes not from reading theoretical papers
by the likes of Einstein and Hawking,
but from listening to those moments
we cannot undo:
the brother we did not speak our love to
until his flag-draped casket
was lowered into the dirt
the biker we did not see
as we turned from sun into shady street,
until we felt the crunch
of carbonite against grill
the ranting e-mail we sailed into the void
that found its way
to our boss’s wide eyeseach moment followed swiftly
by denial:“that didn’t just happen”and the delusion that somehow
–if only in our dreams—

what’s done can be undone.

Snake straight and oiled well

The country seems…

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