Poet Commentaries

Nip and Tug

they get nip and tug
licked wounds and scruffy
I am their master

I have this hate love thing going on
with sit stay and leave it.
May my wide grin
or annoying snarl and growl
not be the expression of me
that gets posted on Twitter.

“My grandpa laughs when he says NO”

“He teases me with bones and balls
and provokes the chased tail”

In the privacy of my home
I get down on all fours
and walk among the dogs
all Alpha and starch
pushy and shovy
till I am king of the toy cache,
Lord of all that matters.

The smell of gathered
cotton ball guts
tanned rubber carcasses
and mauled baby puppies
gleaned from the shag killing floor
drives them nuts.

In my mouth the heart and soul
from their latest kill
the plastic dog whistle
that makes all their precious toys
squeak in agony
and plead for mercy
now sounds like it comes from me.

I struggle with means;
or is that nasties.
A part of me wanting to just push
the grandkids on the swing
so that they are the first
to go all the way around
but instead I sit and chuckle
as they bounce and jiggle
kick and wriggle
at the bottom.

They will all one day get
that I love em to death
(ha ha)
but just for now
do not ask them.

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