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Fundamental Matter

a quirk
produces quarks
a quagmire

Few notice the ripple of nature as they pass through it.  Sure there are the larger waves of movements that are noted; the flutter of startled Starlings and the scurry of Squirrels to the backside of a tree, but the smaller more subtle movements are harder.

Once my brother drove me a round and a round a roundabout for about ten minutes.  It was at the end of a dead end street.  He would not answer my queries and ignored my incredulous looking face though I suppose that was because he knew it was just an attempt to emote incredulous.  There was no way he was going to give away the punchline by playing into my theatrics and he knew I would not jump out.

There was a confidence to him that this would be funny or that there was going to be a point to it all.  Stupid cocky sixteen year old driving with one hand on the wheel and an elbow out the window, a little slouch and surly in his posture.  That sneer was on his face too, that smuggler look complete with tinted glasses.

It turns out he noticed something in nature and he was doing a kind of experiment thing.  Just a flutter of a curtain that is what was seen as he went round the first time. Then two eyes peeking from between blind slats. In time there were four eyes, one pair per pane of front door glass.  Eventually we saw the male of the species emerge and walk out, full of addled, to his gold crustaceous Buick.  He simply pulled the car out across the road and blocked the way.

This oddly satisfied my brother and he simply stopped and backed around.  I wonder what would have happened if the female came out in a blue nighty full of fluster and threats of police being called, or the police actually being called.  There was never anymore said but I knew he respected the outcome and that he was duly impressed.  He liked backbone.

Now nature does not have many options for dealing with our swagger.  Though there is I think a type of system, the flutter of sparrows away that signals the mosquito to, there is no crow bouncing in glee on a limb above to make it rain tree pee in response to our plodding.  The bird poop on us is not done on purpose; I don’t think.  There is just the whole staying power in nature to know my brother would eventually stop driving in circles.

Part 2

Now hopefully you did not understand my starting haiku and some elaboration is in order.  My brother is quirky, kinda staticy.  All good quirks produce quarks that no one really notices; not really.  Usually they simply flutter off to a nearby tree and disappear from our perception.

Take the roundabout thing.  In this case my brother’s quark collided with an enigma and there was this romp that took place.  Somehow this was felt and both the bear and the hiker knew the dance.  Positive “what if” electrons and negative protons played against each other. It was kinda fun even if it was a little over the top peeking down at normal behaviour.

It was tense, that is how quark’s play.  There are dramatic losses and a sadness to the whole game.  Little woebegotten runts with tails between their legs on the sidelines licking their wounds.  In the scenario presented the alpha quarks were all that were noticed and paid attention to.  How could it not be so.  Look at their gait as they ran, at the nip and feint; at the doubleback and sneak.

Now I am not a physics major and a degree of psychotic does not translate into little letters after a name.  I still boldly propose that there are quarks produced by quirks every second and I further posterpulate that all of us humans are quirks.  One day this theory will be proven and I will be famous but if I tread carefully it will only be after I am dead or have a proper pseudonym.

So you see, Newton may have had the whole apple thing to egg him on.  The core of it knocked out a whole lot of baryons and mesons and, over Isaac’s lifetime, they returned in due course.  He, being a good and faithful master to his hadrons, bowed down on the return of each to see what it had in its mouth, to check for burrs and ticks and to shake his head sullenly, wagging a finger, when it was covered in swamp water.  Newton did not leash them.

A man suddenly becoming blind or facing a calamity will find a nest of hadrons get stirred too.  Stroke victims during their therapy are aglow with them and handle more quarks in one session than Newton did in a lifetime.  If one starts noticing nature they will see the wonder of what I speak about and sparrows will alight on their hands.

Part three

How I came upon all this while in a padded cell.  Yes, this is kinda true and at least as accurate as anything else I have written so far.  While in this cell I noticed something.  Quarks exit and return from the ears.  Sure the eyes can register what the ear has heard but they are limited.

Experiments were done and I will warn you now they were not all ethical in intent. Snarling dogs trained for the ring were sent out after demure puppies, me not caring if they ate them for lunch.  The thing of it was that in my padded cell the dogs never get out and mixed.  I played with the cage catches, shook at the bars and even did some prying to release them but all they did was circle and pace off the cage.  They are still circling snarling and whimpering to this day.

In this cell I sent out little baby hadrons, tetraquarks, to God’s Hadrons and never did know if they met.  There was no feedback.  There were let loose rhetorical ones and little placid ones loaded with queries that could lope for miles and frankly I think they are still circling somewhere in my brain.

It was weird.  In all the quiet meditativeness and softness of the cell one would think one would find a great environment to observe them but it was not to be.

My own footfalls were amplified.  Every crick in my neck and cracked knuckle exploded.  The rhythm of my heart passing blood through my arteries gave feedback on the Mike but nothing else.  It was a surreal loneliness.

At the end of the day I was released.  The suck of the vacuum as the seal was broken was deafening.  The stampede of quirkiness escaping through barn doors finally opened was explosive.  Equilibrium was compromised for hours after.  My daughter laughed at me, her passenger, bracing himself on the dash as she ferried me home but I could not help it.  All perspective was lost and the scenes in front of me came so fast I was sure they would sweep me a way.

In conclusion I am strongly urging people everywhere to stop wearing noise cancelling earphones and buds.  Until further tests can be done in an accelerator it should be presumed that this isolation should be limited. It could drive you crazy and too deep into your own quirkiness.  Perhaps now you understand the haiku; which I shall repeat.

a quirk
produces quarks
a quagmire

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