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Prudently Busting Balls

Of course patching up and apologizing is part of life…to a point.  I suppose if I really worked at it a LONG write could be undertaken about just what our responsibilities are but all you get today is this poem. 


Prudently Busting Balls

the science of reracking the broken,
of baling twine and duct tape;
clowns orbit in parades
on bikes with elliptical rims,
kids’ heads on the sideline
also see sawingall
the cues are in hand,
planets strewn across the veld.
we chalk and chalk
plotting force, friction and mass
eyeing trajectories
then callously so callously
we send each planet
to a black holelike God’s the only one
that can think like that.

Every team has a clown
that poorly dressed genius
with a rogue rouged smile
and pen in breast pocket
parading around the table.
“Rack em up?” he asks

With stars and moon in eye
squint, glitter and laugh
he triangulates;
careems and kisses balls
back to their beginnings.

It is called Tony’s though,
not Eden,
we go back to the old ways.

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