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Do the Math

Do the Math


Equations, coded internal languages and rules come out in our walk as stomp, shuffle, glide or some combination thereof.  The head hung too low or feathers strut too erect indicating a glitch in factoring; an integer missed and a misplaced decimal.  People walking backwards the wrong way showing… something else.

“Carry the one”, “anything times zero is zero” and “if you do unto one you must do to the neighbor on the other side of the equal sign” are the common errors people miss. Parents of course work on the basics, chanting “left right left right” until their own walk becomes a stutter.

Poets write of this internal world, dreamers ranting on about orbits, trajectories to the moon and Venus; socialists mulling over the hidden path to Eden; there are among us are Prison Wardens, Physicists and Dieticians; Survivalists, Cartographers, Historians and Connoisseurs.  Out of the gate we explode and expound.


keys jingle just so
the map folded just right
“I am here”
I walk toward the creased edge
stopping to mark puddles


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