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Happy Anniversary Sandra

Just some thoughts for my wife on our anniversary.  It has beem 36 years today.


“Bunnies are smart
i put treats on the cage
and it only took a week
for her to find it,

now I can leave
without her in the door”

I’ve watched her train bunnies
for 36 years.

“Grating teeth
is a sign of contentment.”

Happy Anniversary dear,
I remembered
and no
that is not a toenail
on the counter.
It is my anniversary gift.




ĺt is a long trip for both of us,

that connection between

A and B type;

whistling and kicking cans helps.

The muttering and grumbling

helps us find each other in the fog.




My wife left me:

Left hook,

left side of bed,

left overs

and over and over.

I am left

using the right side

of my brain.




I pat my pockets

and can tell

if I have my keys

or have lost a bit of fluff


I heft my pillows

to choose the one

to rest my head,

favouring the densest

that will hold my weight

and keep the coolness

the longest.


and she is dense.

Filled with resolve and muster,

buckshot and powder

kept in a beautiful shell.


She is denim and lace.

and always takes my weight.

She is sooo cool.


“A goose down pillow should fold.”


“There is a season for duvets.”


“You’re on my side”

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