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Shadow Master

The following write is inspired by nature.  Things grow weird you know and my job in a garden is to prune them.  It would be ridiculous to try to control the amount of available light, to set up mirrors so that plants below a dense maple and cedar hedge get enough light; though I have considered it.  Pruning is required.

If you watch a forest the siblings all grow towards the holes of their parents and each other.  In a forest this law takes time and the saplings grow tall and lean for many years.  Then an old limb is lost and there is a spreading out of young ones.

There is I suppose a perfect shape for a tree but even in my garden where I desire the best for everyone this shape is impossible.  Yes there are exceptions, like that lone tree far off in the middle of a farmer’s field, but always those exceptions are lonely.

Personally I like bonsai.  They look of survival and growth despite the storm. They have crow’s feet around eyes and hands worn from care.  One can almost see in a good Bonsai the profile of family and neighbours, like that fossil seen in a rock.

I write this and many other poems because of the irony of today’s mob mentality and radicalism.  Take it where you want but give some thoughts to tempering anger and trying to get yourself alone and perfect.

Bonsai Yew

within the shadows
quietly the moss
a doormat
Shadows do not vie.
Without complaint they lay;
a covering for spilled blood.
They give up of their space,
move willing through time,
and always cede to light.
A shadow master
created a dark refuge.
In the center lay a crypt
made of granite so grey.
Inside on the ground,
a secret to it all.


At summer Solstice
the guests arrived
treading on shadows
that never had seen man.
Subdued in the darkness
there stoic they stood.


The beam as promised
did spread across dark
highlighting words
long ago set down.
The crowd together leaned
a dark shadow on spot.

Me and the master alone,
for I had not moved,
the shadow master smiled
and whispered so quiet
in voice of deepest shade
light words at solstice.

“Do not covet the light,
golden though it be,
Study other’s fractals
and grow towards their holes.
Become the lee for their winds
and a touch of dappled shade”

Yew and me
wind and light

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