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This Breath

Wrong 101.  It is a required course that you never graduate from as you study towards your Master’s in “Joy” and “Fulfilled”.  As a Christian it took awhile to understand this.  Here are a few compiled poems that touch on the course outline. 


A Perfect System

there was the first time.
it surged pure in aorta,
the veins empty, waiting
for the first cleansing.
His finger still gritty
from mixing up the dirt
in a shallow bowl
filled with words and ideas.
His lips still moist from
a long breath expelled.
He waited patiently
for the veins to fill,
cycling life to the lung.
His perpetual system
of self inspiration
and cleansing

There was the first time
knowledge’s nectar surged;
lymphatic weight
bowing the knees
clogging the synapses.
patiently He waited
for the glands to sweat,
the ideas to spawn,
and the calluses to form;
practical ways to purge
our definition of need.
On each other’s shoulder
they left the nursery

just the feet Peter, just the feet.


This Breath

this breath
I think I will place it just here
covered with sphagnum moss


Slippery Slopes

They run down hill
through the washboard,
skitching from rock to rock
and root to root;
finding tiny footholds
in the quagmire
of the slippery slope.
At the bottom
they clamber atop
the last big boulder
and dive in the mud

A little further
on the straight and narrow,
perched on my rock,
I watch.

The second time is a treat.
Slooow moooootion,
A replay of the heroism
of each found step
A whooping celebration
of overcome pitfalls
and the wonder
of how sprung roots
are catapults
and each rock a launch pad.

I laugh.
It was never only once
for me either.

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