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Compiled Dark and Quiet. Light Sabbath reading.

I enjoyed these ones and hope you do too. Every effort is made not to tell but when you get a bit older it cannot be helped. What exactly is it I am telling?

Fragrance of Sage

Sounds of Silence

in the perfect night

a low dull echo
of muffled grayness
as the leaded line
fathoms the empty
of the barrel

over this a gust
too gauging depth
drawing out the vacuous
that the plumb line
has somehow missed

the widow smiles
and draws out one cup
she lights again the lamp
that dances and flickers
to the rhythm of the dark

she sits waiting
for a kind interlude
soft steps in gravel
muffled creak of stoop
and the slosh of an amphora

it was yesterday
her barrel was drained
the cost of perfect darkness
carved out of a cave
her tomb purchased

these tones and sepia
that inspire the dirge
drawn from nothing’s teat
thick black notes
that sound of silence

the bat sees
in the spectrum
of sonar


in school gymnasium
muffled chaos

Those black recessed bricks
full of echoed exclamations

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