Poet Commentaries

On Safari

I stand in the middle
of two bucks fighting
knowing it makes no difference
which cup they go in

The motion sensor triggers
in the presence
of a beggar,
emitting a frequency
outside of human hertz.
The squelch of lips
scrunch and focus of eyes
directed just so.

Rodents kept from garbage,
Rabbits averted from the Burning Bush.
Loiterers moved on,
their awkward funny walk
keeping beat to Classical music
that trips up saunter.

I know one cannot burrow
for the rabbit
and that that last carrot
is gonna be mine.
I too have no time
to incessantly
turn around Lemmings
or to wait while
mosquitoes finish feeding
but I can drive the safari
with my window rolled down.

I can break a tip off a carrot
and coax one feral cat to purr.
I can learn the rules
“Make yourself big for bear”
“Act demure for wolf”
“it’s and its”

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