Poet Commentaries

This is not about my children.  Just some images and thoughts on what a father is, what he sees, and what he teaches.

“No” Peace

No, I won’t go,’ but later he changed his mind and went anyway…..~Matthew 21:29

we lost him
though his tracks were laid
in fresh snow
over a frozen pond~
he walked backwards

“no” so easy
just one sassy syllable.
It’s muddy tracks clear
and each footfall resounds.
The na na na na of it all
wakes dad’s synapsis

The pond quiet
except me
still in the game,
crunching over fault lines
that ping “Olly olly oxen free”
shattering through thin ice
at the edges
and below the trees,
looking everywhere.

“yes” so easy
but its two syllables,
with a sneaky snaky sssss,
hypnotising dad’s
out of the game
relaxing synapsis.
Children unfound
frozen in their hiding place.

After hours of quiet
stomping alone
I hear a stifled giggle
a belly laugh
and I am found
by my lovely children.

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