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Indigenous Gardening (companion plants)

lost path markers
litter on the blazed route
to indigenous
the scar behind fills again
with the indigenous


today is filled with the indigenous of today and, like yesterday, these are growing to a changed tomorrow


I am to write about companion plants. This should have been easy but it is not. At this point the statement would be “no plants are perfect companions”, the same as one would argue about dependant, independent and codependent. Any discussion could go on forever and should fascinate as it has me.

The easiest companion groupings to make are those with “caste” differences; the shadows cast. Trees, understory and undergrowth feed off one another the best and take the least effort to keep together. Even these can take you by surprise when the slow falling away that happens in their relationship becomes evident.

I am giving here links to articles roughly related to this “easy” grouping of companions. Advice first. Spend the money to keep trees and shrubs properly pruned and thinned, starting in year two or three. Money or time spent at this stage will keep your garden symbiotic longer and will save you a lot in costs down the road.

I will talk further about companion undergrowth later. Here is a link for you to read for now.

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