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the angel sang out,
holding onto reigns
of an apocalyptic horse.
The horse rears
and looks for the voice
deceived by echoes
bounced off four corners.

A spitball splats
five desks forward
and two rows over,
three volleys are returned
across the bow.
Braids pulled
puller upbraided.


He finds her voice
and focuses on her chin
and the tilt of her neck.
Reigns are tugged left and right
desperately wanting peripheral
and unsure echoes again.
Staunch legs pull back
and a whinny snort is sprayed.

Giggles pool in the corner
love notes fly
plans for a schoolyard fight
and a year end bash
Hands find sweaty hands
and rub sore shoulders.


The horse finds her eyes
bows for a nose rub
an ear scritch
and a bucket of oats.

The last chair shifts.

She was a tough music teacher
but we were fond of her.
At graduation
we pitched in for jello,
jello one, two, three.

She delivered “one-two-three”
in one breath
with a bellow tuned to angel.
Like her lesson,
“Suck it all in”

She would hold her candle up.
“Expel it
make this baby flicker,
bend it
and make it shiver.
Play with it
but never let it
go out.

Leave a trail of bubbles
as you swim
under the ocean.”

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