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Fake News

What Can You Know

Ya gotta read between the lines,
sift out the chaff along with the fines.
Remember this as you please,
if it bleeds it leads with considerable ease.
Papers are not a public service,
making owners money and you so nervous.
Stuck as we are in a data jungle,
even the experts are prone to bungle,
then there are those who do it on purpose,
the liars and cheaters are always on us.
So what’s the solution to this quandary?
Get primary sources, do no wandering.
You might try Factcheck even Snopes…
ok, I give up, we’re all on the ropes!
But wait a minute, wait just a mo’,
keep on working get what you ‘can’ know.

Fallacy Sans Reprisal

Reporters with various forms of “fake news,” from an 1894 illustration by Frederick Burr Opper

Dear Mr. Editor or to whom it may actually concern,

This is no lie, tho oft alibi
of the drive-by deny reporter
who’d rather snooze than report the news
creating their facts to order.

The hoax, the red herring,
and misinformation
is frequently daring
the bearing of minds.

I’d like to point out
your misdirection,
the infection of comprise,
which to you, must come as surprise.

The press will deny
the truth not the lie,
decry, those envoys they sack
and with certainty falsify fact.

For Heaven’s sake
Is God that’s the fake
or your take on the take
of a poisonous political snake?

Sincerely, A. Royal Payne

Martians Invade Earrth

Your Point of View

please what ever you do
be mindful of YOUR point of view
feeding on a dish of fake news
scan warily each bite as you chew
mindfully digesting each clue
patiently fishing as you do
for your ‘feastidous’ menuas you create your thought recipe,
stir each ingredient of the treatise,
measure each cup for mental clarity,
dissect each bite for it’s nip of heresy

Breaking News

I don’t get it. I don’t get it
but what is there to get?
brainwashed snow white
sprinkled with truth but
it’s all lies. They all die
perishing for lack of…
ellipsis but nothing is
omitted. they shut the
truth into the closet and
spread that blah blah blah
fake news – nothing new
same ol’, same ol’ cliche
”I have a dream…”
King, wake up!
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